Chris Ramsay

Born in Port Huron Michigan in 1952, Chris Ramsay listened to Rock-N-Roll for as long as he can remember. “I tore apart more radios than any other kid my age before i entered kintergarden. Growing up in South Eastern Michigan my taste was influenced by some of the greatest stations like CKLW in Windsor Ontario and Detroit Michigan and WLS Chicago and WABC New York.

In 1966 my family moved to the Washington D.C. area where I presently reside and I began listening to rockers like WPGC and WEAM here in DC and WKBW in Buffalo. Like a lot of blind adolessentss I was fascinated with radio and always wanted to go into broadcasting. Sadly I did not, and instead I opted to go to college and become a government bureaucrat working for the U.S. Customs Service and other Federal Agencies as a labor and Employee Relations Specialist for 33 years.

I maintained my interest in radio though and began broadcasting on the internet with ACB Radio in 2001. After Leaving there I began regular shows on the WorldWide Legend, where I have been happy ever since. I enjoy all kinds of music ranging from show tunes to mo town to hard rock. I have two grown children; Elizabeth, 30; and David, 26; and live with the love of my life, Joanne the Recipe Lady, who makes regular appearances on the WorldWide Legend”.