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Join us live for the Wednesday Morning Coffee Club, 9 to 11 AM Eastern, 6 to 8 AM pacific. Bill and Jenny Sparks, Dave and Criss Reighard, Jeff Bennett, Tim Aune and guests discuss current issues, cooking, books, new technologies, and product demos. Call in live to ask questions and share your knowledge.

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Recent Episodes

  • Should shots be mandatory? I you don't take it, should there be consequences? Ask Chris and Dave Keurig not giving enough water in the cup? Try descaling. Used a handheld air compressor to blow out the valves. Casper software lets you roll back your computer to a previous day. Use the uninstall tool to remove […]
  • pCoffee Club notes for April 7, 2021 Google wins suit with Oracle allowing programmers to use code from other apps in things they write. Lots of radio stations are streaming baseball games this year. The secret may be tuning in before the pre-game starts. Is cutting thecord really cheaper than cable? Let's go shopping is […]
  • This week on the Coffee Club, Bill Sparks recounts his remarkable recovery from open heart surgery. Chris and Dave provide us with a demo of a Key Finder that can be used to keep track of items. This is a locator with 1 transmitter and 6 receivers. Brand: Esky Current price: $23.99 Amazon:
  • This week the panel talks about thinking out of the box. Chris and Dave provide us with a demo of the Safe Slice Mandolin. Geoffrey Zakarian Safe Slice Upright Mandolin This is a safe to use upright mandolin that slices and juliennes. QVC Item number: K54404 Price: $38.50 Plus $5.50 shipping and handling QVC […]
  • Several people called wishing Bill good luck in surgery. Aira is offering 30 free minutes a day to help with Covid vaccines. Chris gave information about silicone cooking products in the demo this week. Instapot has a silicone wash basket that fits down inside the crockpot. One thing was a collapsible colander. A silicone every) […]

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